On this one, Cameron is our Leader!

 Before the Olympic vote, I would have agreed with Ken Livingstone, that it would be better to put off this broadcast till after the vote. After all, there is corruption in the world and we do our bit to discourage it. It’s probably asking a bit too much to ask us to be martyrs for the cause. I’m sure you agree.

But how do you feel since the vote?

How do you feel, since they taught us a good lesson?

Do you feel chastised?

Having had your wrists slapped by FIFA, do you feel sufficiently regretful? Perhaps we should apologise to them? Admit that we were wrong to allow the BBC to behave in such a critical manner to the good people of FIFA? Perhaps we should promise never to do it again? Do you think so?

I don’t think so.

 You wanna know what I feel; I’ll tell you…

!!!!!!    HOW…..      DARE…..       THEY?   !!!!!!!

How dare they treat us with that shear level of utter contempt?

That we should go away with our tails between our legs, having learnt our lesson?


That we should be humbled? Harried? Humiliated?

I’m with David Cameron on this one. I’m a Labour bloke, but political parties don’t come into it on this one. As far as I’m concerned, when I saw him humiliated, I felt humiliated. I felt my country humiliated. I felt every British citizen had been humiliated.

And that was the point. They wanted us punished for the audacity of criticising their corruption. As if we were arrogant, to believe that it was for us, the pompous British, to criticise theft, the stealing of money? Because that’s what corruption is. Theft! Pure and simple! Theft! We had the audacity to criticise a bunch of thieves and for that we should be taught a lesson, by that same bunch of thieves.

Well I say this, I’m with you Cameron.

I’m with you and so is the whole of the Labour Party. Every MP, every councillor, every party member. We’re with you on this one all the way. You’re the leader and we look towards you. So now show us… now we’ve been publically humiliated in front of the whole world, show us what you’re gonna do about it!

Come on Prime Minister. Come on Mr Cameron, we’re waiting and we want to know. What you gonna do about it?

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