Launch of Labour Friend of International Development

I once worked on a chicken farm, where the chickens were grown from chicks to full size birds in huge sheds. Once the chickens had become full sized, there was not enough room for all of them to have their feet on the ground, so two layers developed. It was our job to go through the chicken sheds and pick up the dead birds that had been trampled underfoot by their peers.

I thought about this last night when the Labour Campaign for International Development grossly underestimated the likely attendance, and flirted with the idea of having a 2nd layer of Labour members in Committee Room 7 of the House of Commons.
Harriet Harman launched the event, with her junior, and my MP in Bethnal Green & Bow, Rushanara Ali.

Lord Paul Boateng

It was good to see Paul Boateng (now Lord) back in Westminster from his career as high commissioner to South Africa.
I’m sorry I didn’t make a note of people’s names and the points they made. I was too busy taking the photos. If anyone wants to help by making notes at future events, please let me know.

Rushanara Ali

The general point made was not to let the Tories off the hook for their promise of 0.7% of GDP committed to development. £2m of DFID money was recently diverted to cover the cost of the Pope’s visit, which highlights the sneaky way in which the government will avoid their obligations.

There is more information at their website here.

The rest of the photos are here.

5 Responses to Launch of Labour Friend of International Development

  1. nemesisrepulsive says:

    Unfortunately I have no faith in Ali. Her agenda does not include the minority white of Bethnal Green

  2. Let mee mention itas I have in many sites: reaching 0.7% DOES NOT mean development will be solved. It is a nice figure to achieve–something which some Nordic countries have done –have they solved international development? In the end is is a champagne poppping target more for DFID/the UK that the people who will still be poor. You acan give 0.7, 0.007,7% but if you are still locked in old neoliberal orthodox theories and uncoordinated aid actions you will never assist countries–akin to parts of HJ Chang’s Bad Samaritarians. 0.7% is a figure to love but not to development.

    On the point of Ms Ali,as on last year, take a look at

  3. danmccurry says:

    She’s still my MP.

  4. Jiesheng says:

    She’s stilll your MP but she has miles to go in her post a a shadow front bencher.

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