What the Americans think about us…

I wonder what the Americans must think about us?

They used to love us when only good old Blighty and a couple of favour-seeking Eastern Europeans stood alongside Uncle Sam, against bad boy Saddam.

Today Britain is back, lobbying to impose No Fly Zones and to arm the Free-Libya rebels. But America hasn’t asked for partners in this. America doesn’t want to go there.

I wonder what Washington must make of Whitehall?

Britain is the one that scrapped the ability to launch air power from their own navy, in order to keep the ability to launch nuclear bombs from submarines. Yet within weeks of making that decision, we wish to launch strikes to remove the air-defences of a North African country, which is three times the size of France.

There could be no doubt that Britain must be planning on allowing America the privilege of this expense, in treasure and potential blood. I imagine the Americans must really appreciate that.

Britain cleared it with the Italians that the US could use their air space to bomb away. The Americans must have really appreciated that. You can imagine their joy.

They must have been chuffed that the British didn’t bother to sound them out first, but whipped up the British media into a frenzy of war mongering, even though it would be America going to war while the British claimed credit for arranging it. How thoughtful.

I wonder what the Libyans must think of the British these days?

At least no one can accuse the British of sucking up to Gaddafi after this call to violent overthrow.

That makes a difference to last week when they were so slow to evacuate their own citizens for fear of offending the regime and damaging British business interests. Even Gaddafi managed to get his family out of Libya before the British got around to acting.
Having realised that they had totally the wrong policy, by putting business before integrity in foreign affairs, they’ve now performed a complete U-Turn and called for a declaration of war against the regime.

Although it now looks like Gaddafi is likely to survive, so that might be somewhat awkward.

BP must be mightily relieved that they recently changed their name to Russian Petroleum, after that highly public intervention from London.

After all it would be difficult to do business with someone who had publicly tried to cajole the international community into bombing you, even if it is their policy to put business before integrity.

Hang on, is it the British policy to put business first, or integrity first?

What day is it, Friday or Tuesday?

It’s all over the place, British foreign policy. I wonder what the whole world must think

3 Responses to What the Americans think about us…

  1. inkelectric says:

    It’s worse than this Dan. The concept of us standing beside them on Iraq has subsided to seething anger that the UK bolstered the phoney intel that provided the justification for a trillion dollar war.

    Yet another gaffe from Cameron. It’s one a week at the moment. What completely inept aggression and naive posturing. It was understandably and foreseeably going to get up the Americans’ noses. We must look like a bunch of amateurs to them.

    Hague would have been gone if Cameron’s attempts to instil some action hadn’t backfired so spectacularly.

  2. danmccurry says:

    We used to be the country that the Americans looked to for a lead on foreign affairs. They used to be rightly in awe of our long experience of matters international.
    Oh, well. Four years to go.

  3. Thus Spake Zarathustra says:

    I’m actually rather hopeful that Gadaffi will survive. The PC brigade and sabre rattlers won’t like that but that’s not my problem. I don’t give much of a damn for incompetent two-faced posturing blowhards. Britain needs to get its own house in order first.

    This is worse than Iraq in some ways. Nobody can breezily say “lessons will be learned” and expect to get away with it. The ball is firmly in the Tories court and after all the equivocating and finger pointing they dropped it. Hard.

    Steve Richards and Seumas Milne have some good comment worth reading on the issue of governance and patience. I also think the sense of a “vision thing” Labour is trying to develop is exactly where they need to be. Who are we? What are we doing? Where are we going? That’s important.

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