PMQs, 9th March 2011

Not the best PMQs since there was no clear winner, which is a bit surprising after the disastrous week the Tories have had. It was a perfectly respectable punch-up though.

One Response to PMQs, 9th March 2011

  1. Thus Spake Zarathustra says:

    I gradually stopped watching television as the quality fell. That would be an essay in itself. I clung on to the news as I thought it was important but Nick Robinson getting in the way of the story like an over-excited chimp was the last straw. I hit the off button for the last time a few years ago in disgust. (I don’t expect you to comment on that.)

    Before the election Cameron used PMQs to make wild policy claims and fan the flames. He was the point man for years of policy briefings and astroturf public protest. It worked because it played to Brown’s personality weaknesses and Brown neither had the advice or personal experience to counter it.

    I never believed the Tories had a programme worth talking about nor that their unreformed character which drove their hidden agendas would survive a road test. That’s fine when you’ve got a 28 day return guarantee but not when you’re discussing expensive mission critical non-refundable locked in products like government.

    I’ve read comment that shows people have seen through Cameron’s mask. The rolled up sleeves, haste, and sneering has left him dangerously exposed as the chump he is. Foreign policy, health, and treatment of people on welfare are a road crash. Business is screaming about the lack of roadmap and confusion. Cameron’s become the butt of jokes.

    Looking beyond all the policy and personality chaff the sharpest comment of Miliband I’ve seen over the past month or so is Miliband has no spine and doesn’t care for people on welfare. The veil has been ripped from Cameron and in this PMQ he had to physically direct his own side to laugh at his jokes. Perhaps this is a turning point.

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