PMQs, 16.3.11, NHS: A Free-Market Free-for-All

Ed Miliband slaughters David Cameron in this Prime Minister’s Questions.

Cameron doesn’t seem to have concerned himself with the Lib Dem conference motion, which called for no price competition in the NHS. The Bill itself calls for EU free market rules to be applied to the health service.

Miliband highlights the fact that Cameron just doesn’t seem to be on top of the job.

One Response to PMQs, 16.3.11, NHS: A Free-Market Free-for-All

  1. Thus Spake Zarathustra says:

    One reason why the Tories did so well was they had no problem taking shrill and nasty swipes. Cameron, Osborne, and Dorris provide examples. Ed Miliband keeps pulling his punches and people like Harriet Harman (which she’s let off her leash) tend to do more damage than good. Sure, it’s hamburger race to the bottom knee-jerk politics but the emotional subtext gets headlines and woos popular discussion. Cameron has had so many Gordon Brown style moments I’ve lost count which leaves me wondering why the hell not people aren’t screaming every second of every day at the top of their lungs for an election.

    When is someone going to nail him as a floundering egoist who’s slaughtering the British people on the alter of his own vanity? When are Labour going to polish their quotable quotes so media reporting (forced by impartiality rules) ends articles with a grossly unfair and nasty below the belt stab at the Tories? When are Labour going to flood online forums with lists of Tory failure and hypocrisy?

    Okay, I might be going a bit far. The Tory election strategy was very simplistic and nasty. But Labour have a tendency to waffle, take people for granted and assume they’ll just go along with what they say, and be running from a schedule which is timed to the week when on the ground campaigning is a minute by minute affair. So what is the model Labour could adopt that hits the spot without stinking to high heaven?

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