Did Cameron arrange the Cable Sting?

This is the dynamite question, the one that has the potential to bring down this government. Whose idea was it for The Telegraph to conduct a covert recording on Vince Cable in December 2012? Could it have been the Tory leadership? If this was demonstrated to be the case, then the Tories have deliberately destroyed the reputation of a Liberal Democrat colleague, and the coalition would immediately come to an end.

It’s difficult to believe that the Telegraph investigation was a fishing trip. Like any newspaper, they concentrate their resources on leads, not on speculative chance. If that’s the case, then someone put them onto this story. Someone on the inside knew what Cable would be likely to say. The question is who?

Is it possible that the Tory leadership could have been so concerned about Cable’s likely decision on the NewsCorp judgement, that they would want him destroyed and replaced by Murdoch fan, Mr Hunt? There is plenty of evidence that they went to extreme lengths to ensure the outcome found in favour of NewsCorp. We know they wanted to please Rupert Murdoch. We know it was important to them. Was it important enough that they would resort to such an aggressive tactic, to publically destroy Vince Cable? I think they would, I think they did, and I think they enjoyed it.

However, this theory has one major flaw. The sting was conducted by The Telegraph. The Telegraph is a competitor to Rupert Murdoch. They would never have agreed to such a sting if they knew it was designed to help the owner of The Times. For the Conservatives to induce the Telegraph, they would have had to have been deceitful, in concealing their motives. That would be an extremely cavalier way of treating The Telegraph, especially since the paper would likely discover the true motive once the story had unfolded. Could the Tory leadership have been so arrogant that they simply didn’t care?

Yes, they could. They were arrogant when they created the A-List of parliamentary candidates, thereby informing the rest of the Tory backbenchers that they are considered inferior. They were arrogant when they decided to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600, for no good reason, leaving many MPs furious with their circumstance. Complete disregard and disrespect to those around them is a key characteristic of Mr Cameron and Osborne, although I must admit, they would be entering a whole new level by making The Telegraph a cuckold of Rupert Murdoch.

However, in their experience, it is all perfectly OK. The Telegraph knows its place. There will be no consequence. In the same way that the Lib Dems had nowhere to go, The Telegraph also has nowhere to go. This newspaper is not going to switch its support The Labour Party. In the arrogant thinking of Cameron and Osborne, The Telegraph is inferior to the current leaders of the Conservative Party.

If this were all true, then the Tories are hardly likely to blow the whistle on themselves, so only The Telegraph could confirm. But what could possible persuade them to nudge this particular bombshell into the public sphere? What could persuade them to publicise to the fact that they have been used by the Tory leadership, been made a cuckold by Cameron and Osborne? Why would The Telegraph choose to make their own humiliation public?

If Cameron and Osborne believe that The Telegraph has nowhere to go, that may have been a big mistake. The Telegraph will be here long after they’ve gone and so will the Conservative Party. We may never know who arranged the Cable Sting, but we may well enjoy watching The Telegraph turn the screw on Cameron and Osborne over the next couple of years. If so, it would be fun to watch the hastened demise of this pair of arrogant posh boys.

10 Responses to Did Cameron arrange the Cable Sting?

  1. I have great doubts about your overall thesis Dan, for many of the reasons you state yourself. However, if true at all, you forget one thing that would make it possible for the Telegraph to be complicit, and that is they detest Cameron and they hate the coalition.

    What they’ve always wanted is the coalition to crash, and a majority Tory government elected. Preferably a lot more right wing, but at least wholly Tory, which is what would probably have happened if they could have got an early election.

    So if your thesis is true, they could be waiting for a moment to strike, get Cameron removed and replace him with someone more to their liking. After all many of their contributors consider Cameron to be a social democrat.

  2. ianrobo says:

    Dan, you have forgot one aspect of this.

    the Telegraph were holding the story back, they did not want to publish it for the reason you identified of helping out Murdoch.

    In fact it was not until Peston leaked it the Telegraph printed.

    We have to ask the motivation of Peston leaking it as was discussed at the time, did he do it to help out Murdoch.

    My guess is that they were looking for something else on Cable to discredit him and found this and the Telegraph DID not want to print.

    The real question to ask is who leaked it to Peston ?

    • danmccurry says:

      They held it back when they realised it promoted the interests of Murdoch. This is what they weren’t told about when they were given the lead. The same person who gave them the lead informed Peston.

      • ianrobo says:

        yep and if that is from the govt as you said ?

        this govt is up to it in it’s necks (tory side) and just needs the dots joined and evidence

  3. Joanne says:

    I think he did arrange it and I am sure he arranged the ‘sting’ that involved the guy that revealed that its 250.000 to have dinner with Cameron. My theory is that he wanted to bring the issue of donations to public attention, he also wanted to bully the Labour party into not taking donations from the Unions. Just a theory though.

  4. peterjukes says:

    Two thing we know about this

    1. Cable was interviewed early December 2010 (around 5th) – the ‘war on Murdoch’ bit of the interview was leaked by Peston on the 21st. That’s two weeks to decide what to do with it.

    2. Will Lewis was the source of the leak to Peston, as he admitted to Leveson, though he refused to name his source at The Telegraph.

    For more… people should keep digging. Oh, and read my book, out in a month. The e-book is free if you sign up in the next ten days


  5. Gracie says:

    I think that Cameron had a hand in the Cable sting. The Telegraph it was assumed would be unable to resist the temptation of a big story like this and the Telegraph was used because if it was any of the Murdoch press then the finger of suspicion would immediately be pointed.
    Such is the arrogance of Cameron and Osborne, they fully expected the political fall-out to dissipate quickly, especially once they had their man (Hunt) ensconced. I also believe the reason why they did not give the brief to Hunt originally was because it would have opened them all up to accusations of bias and that when they did hand the brief over to Hunt, if anything was said then they would plead “why did we give the brief to cable originally when we could have given it to Hunt”, which is exactly what has been said.

    From what I see of the “master strategist” and his mate (Cameron) they are not the brightest tools in the box and complete with their arrogance, I believe they really thought they could get away with this, after all seeing the bigger picture is not exactly a forte’ of theirs is it? Look at the budget, look at all the car crash policies, look at their disastrous handling of the economy.

    What I find very “coincidental” was that the two Telegraph reporters had booked an appointment with Cable “coincidentally” on the very same day protesters had been outside his office and had tried to break in and cable had spoken to two of them inside prior to speaking to the Telegraph reporters?!!!

    I do not believe that Cameron and Osborne are above trying to pull a stupid stunt like this and thinking they can get away with it and I believe this is exactly what they did.

    Maybe the “government leak” who gave the story may reveal, in fact I think they may very well do this, especially as Cameron and Osborne are now fast becoming electoral liabilities – watch out for the opening of the stable to free the stalking horse – enter Michael Gove.

    • ianrobo says:

      The same Gove who could be more slavish to the Murdoch evil empire ?

      One of Murdoch’s trusted Lieutenants in the cabinet who unfortunately got away with Education privatisation as we seemed not to care about it.

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