Arrest Jimmy Carr!

Arrest Jimmy Carr!

It’s time to stop messing around on this one. Jimmy Carr wasn’t doing tax avoidance, that’s when you put money in an ISA. What he was doing was tax evasion, that’s when you dishonestly avoid paying the tax that you owe.

He put his money in an account of a company in the tax haven of Jersey and then had that company pay him his money back in a loan. He said he didn’t need to pay tax on that because it was a loan. I say that’s a big lie.

The reason he tried his luck in this way is because the Inland Revenue have traditionally been frightened of scaring off wealthy people by being too aggressive. So the wealthy use these dodgy schemes, and then when the IR come to speak to investigate, the wealthy negotiate how much they’re going to pay in tax.

I wish I could do that. I wish I could decide not to pay any tax and then negotiate. The reason I wouldn’t try it on in that way is because I know that I’d get arrested and be made to pay the full amount plus a fine. And if jimmy Carr knew he was going to get arrested, he wouldn’t have tried it on. He would have paid up.

I can understand how the tax system is more complicated when applied to musicians who sell records around the world, if they have various record contracts in various countries, and if they’re on tour and therefore not resident for most of the year. I can also understand that people with a world income are in a position to go and live somewhere else if they choose. This places them in a powerful position, compared to the rest of us.
Arrest him and let the law take its course.

5 Responses to Arrest Jimmy Carr!

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  2. Chris H. says:

    Tax-evading hypocrite Jimmy Carr must be penalized like any other citizen.
    And If the the Conservative/Libdem government won’t act on it, they’ll lose even more votes come the next General Election. They don’t give a damn about anyone below the rich.

    Time to kick out David “Bullingdon Club” Cameron and Nick Clegg!

  3. Ken Dodd says:

    I read your comments with great interest, and i thought to myself “dont talk bollocks!” what he did was perfectly legal, and if anyone else was in the same situation they would do it. i pay a lot of tax and every penny of it is wasted by this government. there are far too many comedians being persecuted nowadays. As a comedian myself, i dont think the government or the general public realise the cost of putting a show on nowadays, and since the poundshop stop doing 2 feather dusters for a quid and now you only get one, my props bill has doubled! leave the guy alone. he just wants to get on with things.

    just ask your self one thing, if you think he did it on purpose? theres only one answer to that!

    diddy bollocks!

    gary barlow on the other hand can go to prison and get his bum battered for etenity for all i care. he steals all his music from my songs and makes a fortune. and he cant stop at songs. recently hes even stolen Ringo starrs talking voice. ‘kin knobhead.

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